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Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Chitali, Vedsheree and Neha comes to counterfeit Payal and sees her wearing numerous gems pieces. Chitali says these are all not for hands, Vedsheree sees her feet and acknowledges she is chudail. Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Vedsheree enlightens family concerning phony Payal. Rishi brings genuine Payal there. Vedsheree inquires as to whether she is fine? Avi asks where you discovered her? Rishi says she was dangling from an enclosure. Avi says chudail is with Ansh, we need to stop him. Vedsheree says Ansh wont hear us out, he will endeavor to be furious on chudail and she is perilous, chudail cant realize that we know her fact, we need to send Payal and her family securely back to their home. Chitali says how we can do that?

Saanvi is trusting that cleric will come and make Piya.

Cleric comes in mandir with Guru Maa and sees Mani missing. Master Maa says Naman must. Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update.

have taken it.

Naman demonstrates Nitn mani to Mohana and says they needed to spare Piya utilizing it, this is mani. Mohana takes box from him. Naman says I am valuable, lets have an arrangement. Mohana says you are of nobody, get lost at this point. Naman swings to leave however hits with server and powder is tossed on him. Mohana says you are pointless Naman, get lost. Naman is harmed and leaves. Vedsheree comes to Mohana and says you brought chudail back in house? she is wandering as Payal here, you brought her here? Mohana says for what reason would I? She is my adversary, I will show her exercise. Vedsheree says dont do anything, I need to spare Payal and her family. Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Full Episode Update
Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Full Episode Update


Vedsheree is attempting to make genuine Payal leave with her companions however counterfeit Payal comes to Vedsheree and says its time for wedding, I am prepared. Vedsheree says minister isn’t here. Dilruba/counterfeit Payal says I will hold up here. Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Vedsheree and family are in room. Chitali says chudail is sitting parlor, by what means will we send Payal and her family home?

Minister comes to Saanvi and says we discovered answer for toxic substance however it was lost. Saanvi says you cannot bring Piya back? shouldn’t something be said about father?

Vedsheree conveys family to gallery. They put Payal and fmaily in enclosure and begins putting it down from overhang of 50th floor by holding ropes of pen. Chitali says this is unsafe. Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Scene 2

Counterfeit Payal says to Ansh that family and minister are not here? Ansh says I will bring them. He shouts Maa. Family is sending confine down. They put full power to control it. Ansh comes there and says you individuals are here? All of a sudden ropes tumble from family’s hand and confine begins tumbling down however Mohana gets confine. Ansh looks down from overhang however doesnt discover anything. Family is strained. Ansh says want wedding, he leaves from that point.

Saanvi sees Piya vanishing once more. Master Maa tosses rudraksh on Piya and it prevents Piya from going to dishank lok. Master Maa says it can work for at some point as it were.

Ansh says to family that on the off chance that minister isn’t here, we will get hitched without him. Shekhar says no one but cleric can recite mantras for wedding. Neha says there is no compelling reason to rush, we are on the whole prepared for wedding. Ansh says I know you dont need me to wed her yet on the off chance that you folks dont, we will get hitched ourselves. He swings to leave yet Vedsheree says this isn’t Payal, she is phony. Mohana comes there.

Cleric and Saanvi leaves to discover answer for Piya. Master Maa sees Piya gone from table. Naman is there holding half Piya. Master Maa faculties him and says Naman?

Mohana gets phony Piya and Dilruba takes her genuine symbol. Mohana says see she is chudail. Ansh smiles and says this is great, I dont care if its Payal or chudail. Dilruba chuckles. Mohana scowls at her.

Master Maa says to Naman that you are a snake. Naman says I will bring Piya back. Master Maa says just Nitin Maa can bring her back. Naman says I offered it to Mohana, I will make Piya fine and afterward she will be mine, witch will know my identity. Saanvi and Priest comes there. Master Maa says there is an approach to spare Piya, do what I state. She requests that he make Piya rests. All of a sudden Priest and Saanvi gets him utilizing instruments. Master Maa says this is your answer.

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